Toothpicks and the Healthy Masculinity Action Project Allies

photo1902Guest post by Pat McGann – Director of Strategy & Planning at Men Can Stop Rape

Have you ever seen one of those model ships built from toothpicks? Looking at it, you’re amazed that hundreds of thousands of little pieces of wood have been joined together to create this magnificent object.

The Healthy Masculinity Action Project (HMAP) is like one of those ships. It’s going to take a lot of organizations joining together to create it. That’s why SafePlace is a HMAP Ally and why all the HMAP Allies are so important.

What Role Do the HMAP Allies Play?
HMAP is building a new generation of male leaders who will model non-violent, emotionally healthy masculinity and serve as positive change makers in society – helping to take their communities from awareness to action.

The HMAP organizing partners – Men Can Stop RapeNational Resource Center on Domestic ViolenceMen Stopping Violence,Coach for AmericaWomen of Color Network, and A CALL TO MEN – regularly share information about healthy masculinity and HMAP with their national networks. HMAP Allies do the same.

Check Out the HMAP Allies!
From counselors to fraternities to prevention educators, the HMAP Allies are extending the reach of HMAP. The number of allies is growing every week. 

Start talking about healthy masculinity. Ultimately, it will take everyone for HMAP to be a success.

The Healthy Masculinity Summit will kick off HMAP this October. Watch for more information in upcoming weeks.

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