Denim Day 2014

2014 Denim Day Email HeaderDid you join us for Denim Day on April 23rd? On that day, all around the world, people wore denim to show that rape is NEVER about what the victim was wearing. The movement started after a 1998 case in Italy, when a judge overturned a rape conviction. He argued that the victim’s jeans were so tight, she must have helped the perpetrator to remove them.

People throughout the Austin area participated in Denim Day, sharing their pictures on our Facebook event page, e-mailing us, or posing for photos taken by SafePlace staff. We even had someone from as far as Alabama join in the Facebook event! Denim Day is something anyone can participate in, from wherever they happen to be!

Children's Services Staff

SafePlace Children’s Services Staff

Events like this one start conversations about sexual assault and rape culture. When we talk, social change happens.

And Denim Day wasn’t only about awareness! Many groups also turned it into a fundraiser to help us continue providing services to survivors. Thank you to everyone who made this another successful Denim Day.

Learn more about the Italian case in this fantastic video! Kelsey on our Deaf Services team tells the story in sign language—and the video is captioned for hearing audiences.


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