What you can do to help kids heal

six small kids piled on top of each other smiling

You’ve probably read the terrible stories about the crisis that’s exploding in the Texas foster care system. But today, I want to tell you a different story. It’s a story about healing and recovery. And people like you help make it possible.

Their story begins with tragedy, trauma

A few months ago, six brothers and sisters ranging in age from 2 to 12 came to our emergency shelter. They were removed from their home after witnessing their mother kill their infant brother.

I can’t begin to imagine how frightening and confusing that must have been for such young kids. Can you? But we were ready to meet their needs — and that has everything to do with the generosity of others.

Those kids needed to stay together. On our campus, they could spend their days playing together, eating together, watching TV together — just like always.

At a time when kids in the state’s care are sleeping on makeshift beds in state offices, a warm, safe, homelike environment is truly priceless. Austin Children’s Shelter needs your generous support to make it a reality for kids who are healing from abuse.

After the kids got settled on our campus, each child — from toddler Coco* to oldest brother Jacob* — saw a doctor, a dentist, and began regular sessions with a counselor.

Because people just like you care enough to support ACS, every one of those kids got to see a doctor and a dentist. Because people care, those kids were able to stay in the same room and spend their days together.

Because people care, each child began regular sessions with a counselor.

It’s only through your generosity that the kids at ACS get the care they need in an environment they trust.

Making your gift go farther

Right now, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation is matching all gifts made to ACS until Dec. 31. That means your gift will go twice as far for the kids we serve — kids who have already suffered too much.

If you can, I hope you will make a year-end gift today.

After a few weeks in our care, Jacob, Coco, and their brothers and sisters left our emergency shelter and moved into one of our trained and supported foster homes. They met their new parents before the move. And they come back to our campus regularly to see the same counselor they already knew and trusted.

I can’t emphasize enough the difference that makes. Thanks to the support Austin Children’s Shelter receives, these young children and hundreds of others have what they need to recover from severe trauma.

Now, a few months later, the children’s foster family has taken steps to adopt all six kids — permanently. This is no ordinary story about kids in foster care. Thanks to donors’ generosity, these sweet kids are getting a second chance at a happy family.

In this season of giving, I hope you will remember the kids in our care. Thanks to the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, your gift now will go twice as far to support their healing and recovery.


Stacy Bruce
Executive Director, Austin Children’s Shelter Campus-Based Services

P.S. Because people like you care enough to support these kids, their lives change for the better. Please give now and double your impact.

*Names have been changed to protect identities

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