Austin Children’s Shelter

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How Austin Children’s Shelter is Funded

Austin Children’s Shelter, a private non-profit organization with a 501(c)3 tax status, receives annual funding from the State of Texas via reimbursements from the Department of Family and Protective Services and from various agencies and foundations.

This funding, while critical, is not enough. Individuals, businesses and community organizations enable us to provide the high-quality care and critical services for the children, youth and families.

Sources of Income

Private Gifts – 25.9%
State Reimbursements – 21.4%
Events – 18.0%
Foundation Grants – 14.7 %
Government Grants – 9.6%
Revenue from Services/Other – 10.4%


Residential Programs – 49.6%
Community-Based Programs – 28.2%
Fundraising – 11.4%
General & Administrative – 10.8%

Austin Children’s Shelter Donors and Partners


Current 990 | Current Audit

How SafePlace is Funded

SafePlace, a private non-profit organization with 501(C)3 status, is funded through a mix of government grants and contracts, private and foundation grants, individual giving, and corporate donations and sponsorships. This diversified funding stream enables SafePlace to provide high-quality services to more than 5,400 people each year.

SafePlace Donors and Partners

Sources of Income

Government Grants – 46.5%
Individual/Corporate Giving & Events – 27.1%
Private/Foundation Grants – 15.6%
Value of Volunteer Time/In-Kind Donations – 5.9%
Earned Income/Other Income – 4.9%


Client Services – 57.4%
Children’s Services – 19.3%
Education/Training Services – 9.4%
Management/General – 8.7%
Fundraising – 5.2%

**All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law, and receipts are provided for all donations.
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