Personal Fundraising

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Creating individual fundraising campaign helps you personalize and share your giving. You can donate your birthday, and share your personal fundraising page with a story about how you found the organization and why you’ve decided to donate. This creates a space for your friends to go and learn about your cause in a way that goes beyond sending them a link to the donation page because you’re sharing your own story.

Fundraise for Austin Children’s Shelter

The Austin Children’s Shelter’s Personal Fundraising tool provides individuals the opportunity to be an advocate and support ACS in a unique way.

Start your personal fundraiser today.

TeamFX is the most common way patrons individually fundraise for ACS:

  • Search to find the Personal Fundraising page of someone you know.
  • Create a personal fundraising page to tell your story or in memory of a loved one.
  • Login and manage your personal fundraising page.

Fundraise for SafePlace

To start your fundraiser, go to


  • Promote your fundraiser every day on your social media pages
  • Tell your story. Why are you supporting this cause, why are you sharing it with your friends?
  • Include a photo! Maybe even one of you volunteering at SafePlace (just make sure there are no clients or children included)
  • Choose a program and project. Do you want to raise money for books for Children’s Services, or donate your birthday to Community Education?

For more ideas, contact Lauren Zurbrugg at 512.578.9242 or [email protected].

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