Helping kids cope today for a better tomorrow.

NO KID…ever wants to live in a home that isn’t safe.

NO KID…asks for the house where there’s no food or clean laundry, where nobody’s paying attention or taking care of them.

NO KID…wants to get beaten up regularly

NO KID…ever asks to be abused.

Group of YouthUnfortunately, thousands of kids in Austin do live in homes where bad things happen. That’s why we’re here. KHOPE is made up of kids like you who support Austin Children’s Shelter, a safe place for kids to go when they can’t stay at home anymore. Kids of all ages — BABIES TO YOUTH — can stay at Austin Children’s Shelter for a short time, or, if living with a parent is just not an option, they can stay for years, learning the skills they need to live on their own once they’re grown-ups.

NO KID…wants to grow up in a shelter, and we think it stinks that some kids have to.

That’s why we started KHOPE – so that kids who are lucky enough to have “forever” homes can help kids who don’t.

Let’s work together to help every kid grow up safe.

Join KHOPE for just $25 (annual membership fee) and connect with other philanthropically minded kids in your community while helping your fellow students at Austin Children’s Shelter gear up for success.


Members enjoy excellent benefits like community service credits and opportunities to lead committees and projects.

Membership dues help Austin Children’s Shelter provide programs and services for abused and neglected children, youth and young adults.

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