If you are hurt or in danger, call 9-1-1.

If you are in a safe space to make a phone call and need to report child abuse, please call:

Child Abuse Hotline

If you are in a safe space to make a phone call, our 24/7 confidential SAFEline is available for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and exploitation, and child abuse: 512.267.SAFE (7233) or via chat.
For Deaf people of all identities, please use relay/VRS.

Sexual assault advocacy (e.g., assistance with crime victims compensation forms, connecting to resources, weighing options of getting a forensic exam, connecting to law enforcement, how loved ones can support a survivor, immediate registration for SAFE services, safety planning and screening for free emergency cell phones) and crisis intervention/face-to-face emotional support is available on a walk-in basis Monday-Friday between 8 a.m.- 4 p.m. No appointment necessary. Language accommodations available.  Call 512-267-7233 for more information or visit us at 1515 Grove Blvd. Building A. (take a sharp right into our driveway and look for the building on the left with the teal awning).

Be careful when you look for help.

Use a safe computer.  What you do on a computer is easy for someone else to find out about. Someone else may be able to see what websites you visit and read your email even if you delete your browser history and delete files. Think about using:

  • A computer at the library
  • A friend’s computer

Use your smartphone carefully. Learn the ways that someone can use your phone to track your location and read your messages.

Use safe storage.  If you take notes or get a brochure, keep those things private. Think about asking a friend or relative to keep those kinds of things for you.

  • Make or get copies of important papers to keep safe: IDs, birth certificates, legal documents, etc.
  • Use your phone safely. Don’t forget how easy it is for someone to pick up your phone and hit re-dial, look at the call log or even track down a detailed phone bill. If you haven’t turned it off, or are on a calling plan with someone, they may be able to use the phone gps to locate you. Think about getting a second, pre-paid phone to use while you are safety planning.

Click the “quick escape” button.  Anytime you use this website and need fast privacy, clicking the “quick escape” button will take you to the Austin American-Statesman website.

Report Suspected Abuse or Neglect
If you suspect abuse or neglect is occurring, report it — and keep reporting it — until something is done.

Get Help
If you’re a parent with children ages 0-5, help is available. Learn more.


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