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Now more than ever, we need to change the societal norms that so often turn a blind eye, condone, and breed violence and abuse as acceptable means of coercive control over another person.

SAFE asks you to publicly commit to ending the cycle of violence by signing the pledge below:

I pledge to:
-Recognize the power and privilege implicit in my relationships.
-Commit to a culture of nonviolence and respect through my actions, speech and attitude.
-Be an active upstander, speaking up against gender violence and sexism and teaching others how to do the same.
-Encourage and support survivors by believing them and standing with them as they heal.


Rose Abeyta
Tristan Ader
James Aguilar
Boone Almanza
Leal Anderson
Thomas Bacon
Phil Barton
Brian Baxter
Mike Beasley
Dave Beatty
Kenneth Bobo
David Braham
Tony Brosi
Cameron Brown
Kevin Byers
Antoine Campbell
Keith Carey
Bruce Carpenter
James Carter
Kyle Clayton
John Cornyn
Quan Cosby
Derrick Crowe
John Crowe
Matthew Curtin
Anandraj Devarajan
Emiliano Diaz de Leon
Matt Dietrichson
David Dyer
Scott Ela
Adam Elfers
John Elford
Ian Ellis
Daniel Estabrook
Sam Fatigato
Carlos Femat
Rabbi Alan Freedman
Patrick Gallagher
Greg Gaynier
Bryan Gierse
Scott Gilman
Joseph Gomez Jr.
Dan Graham
Billy Hankey
Todd Hart
Bill Harwell
Elias Haslanger
Jeremy Hasson
Matt Hernandez
William Holliday
josh hopkins
Brett Hopkins
Emil Hunziker
Mason Hurtte
William Johnson
Ross Jones

Elias Kadri
Phil King
Adam Klaybor
Bill Lee
Willy Lee
Kent Lester
Andrew Levack
Elaine Lofton
Michael Lofton
Carlos Lopez
Jean-Philip Losier
Brad Love
Greg Mack
Brian Manley
William Marshall
Jim McDonald
Mark McKim
Dash Mihok
Nathan Minger
Ian Moore
Adam Nagorski
Drew Nelson
Dr. Scott Newsom
James Nortey
Thomas Owens
Chris Perri
Adrian Quintero
David Quintero
Cliff Rees
Brandon Roberts
Bruce Robison
Jessica Robledo
Ted Rutherford
Carmine Salvucci
Roger San Miguel
Errol Schweizer
Ronald Short
Eric Showalter
Michael Siegel
Maria Sifuentes Patterson
Michael Simons
Rene Slataper
Patrick Solomon
Reid Solomon
Joah Spearman
Tony Switzer
Mario Tapia
Vincen Tovar
Edwad Treistman
Preston Tyree
David Urbach
Jose Velasquez
Kirk Watson
Upali Weerasooriya
Cliff Wildman
Donna Wynn
Ludivina Zambrano

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