Counseling Services

Although immediate safety for survivors and their families is the first concern, SAFE provides additional support for survivors during their healing process. This support can help survivors move beyond the violence and trauma.

One of the most important ways that healing can occur is through counseling for survivors of sexual or domestic violence. Many people realize their need for counseling months or years after their experience while others seek counseling immediately after an assault.

The counseling program is designed to meet survivors wherever they are in the process of healing from sexual and domestic violence. By informing survivors about the dynamics of interpersonal violence and assisting them in the development of goals specific to their situation survivors are supported as they heal from trauma and reclaim their lives.

Counselors work with people with disabilities, Spanish speakers and members of the Deaf community. For more information about counseling services please call the hotline at 512-267-7233.

Adults and Children
We offer individual counseling for adults and children (play therapy). Family counseling is offered for non-offending family members targeting relationships and the overall functioning of the family.

Group counseling is offered so survivors can connect with each other and heal from the shame and isolation of abuse.

A Men’s Survivor Support Group is offered for male survivors to join together to share experiences, connect, learn about the impact of trauma, develop coping strategies, and heal in a safe, supportive, and strength-based group setting.

SAFE’s Expect Respect program provides safe and confidential counseling at certain Austin area middle and high schools for young adults who have experienced or witnessed teen dating violence, sexual harassment, date rape, sexual abuse or family violence. The program provides teens an opportunity to learn strategies for building safe and healthy relationships. Counselors are available on site and group support groups are available at some schools as well.
Phone Counseling
Phone counseling provides survivors and families who do not have access to transportation or are otherwise unable to attend counseling sessions in person. To access phone counseling, contact the 24-hour Hotline.
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