SafePlace Residential Services

Kelly White Emergency Shelter

The Shelter is a home to hundreds of people each year who are fleeing family violence. SafePlace shelter staff work to make sure everyone in our shelter is safe from their abuser, have their basic needs met and have assistance in developing a plan to leave shelter safely.

Supportive Housing

Often a survivor must choose between returning to an abusive home or being homeless. The SafePlace Supportive Housing Program (SHP) is designed to assist families and individuals who need more time to become independent after leaving a violent relationship.

Children’s Activities

Children who witness or experience violence in their homes struggle socially and academically. Leaving the sense of comfort and community which their neighborhood and school friends bring can be a traumatic experience; even when they are leaving an abusive home. Accredited teachers and children’s services staff, specifically trained to work with children coming from abusive homes, are aware of the trauma these children have faced and respond appropriately. Additionally, all SafePlace residents have access to all  SAFE Teen Services and SAFE Children’s Services.

The Stockton-Hicks Family Tree Child Development Center

The Stockton-Hicks Family Tree Child Development Center (CDC) was specifically developed with the needs of young children who have witnessed or experienced violence in their lives. By providing a safe and developmentally stimulating environment for children (ages three months to five years) who live in the Family Shelter or Supportive Housing community, the CDC can focus on consistency of activities, discipline and social development.

The University of Texas-University Charter School, George M. Kozmetsky Campus

The Kozmetsky School provides three specific support systems for children living in the shelter as their family begins rebuilding their lives. Children from abusive homes face additional challenges at school; instability at home can impact their approach to social and educational environments.

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