Community Education

The Community Education Program provides outreach and education to help individuals learn how each of us plays a role in the process of ending sexual assault and exploitation, child abuse and neglect, and domestic violence. We believe our community’s understanding and knowledge of the issues can lead to more accountability from employers, the justice system, schools and government.

Trainings and Presentations

SAFE staff and trained volunteers work to increase community understanding of sexual and domestic violence by providing presentations to civic and professional groups, schools, private organizations, parents and loved ones of survivors, and other interested groups.

Here is a comprehensive list of available trainings and presentations:

  • SAFE Services
  • Dynamics of Domestic/ Dating Violence and/or Sexual Assault
    • General trainings can be tailored meet the needs of different groups and communities including but not limited to Faith, LGBTQIA, and Immigrant communities.
    • Interventions for Healthcare providers
    • Determining the Primary Aggressor in Abusive Relationships
    • Male Survivors
    • Social Impacts of Domestic Violence (Trauma, effects on children, homelessness, health impacts)
    • Gender and Society: Messages and Their Impact
    • Sexual Assault on Campus:
      • Title IX
      • Intervention and Advocacy Skills for Working with Survivors
      • Bystander Intervention
      • Mutual Agreement: Defining Consent
  • Domestic Violence Community Response Team TRAINING (15 hours)
  • Domestic Violence in the Workplace
  • Prevention
    • SAFE Ally Workshop: How to Support Survivors and Interrupt Beliefs and Ideas that Perpetuate a Culture of Violence
    • Game Changers
    • Speaking out in Support of our Families & Communities
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Cyber Safety
    • Unzipped – Unzipped is an 8 session sexual violence primary prevention curriculum designed for college students.
    • Men’s Workshop Series (M.E.N.D.) – Workshops for men committed to the prevention of sexual violence.
    • Women’s Empowerment workshops
  • Self Esteem, Assertiveness, Self-Care & Personal Safety, Personal Vision & Goal Setting

For more information or to schedule a presentation or training, please contact:
[email protected]
 or (512)356-1548.

Other departments at SAFE offer trainings on specific subjects for specialized audiences. Please click here for a comprehensive list of available trainings and presentations.


SAFE creates and distributes brochures about various issues associated with Interpersonal violence/abuse and our services. If you would like to order a quantity for public display at businesses, doctors’ offices and wherever community members would like to share information, please email [email protected]. Topics are: About SAFE, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Violence and Abuse in the LGBTQIA Community, Consent and Healthy Relationships. All are available in English and Spanish.

Other materials include the SAFE sticker (sexual assault resources) and palm cards with our contact information.

SAFE also provides intensive curricular materials for professionals in a variety of fields. For a complete list of those materials, click here. 

To request materials from the Expect Respect, Disability Services, or Life Skills click here.

Community Event Outreach

SAFE staff and volunteers are available to represent the agency with materials and information for the community at booths during events such as school or job fairs where attendees are invited to learn about SAFE services.

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