A gift to ACS is a gift to Austin children

Written by Stacy Bruce

Thank you for caring about the kids who wake up every day at Austin Children’s Shelter. The generosity of others makes a difference in these kids’ lives.

By giving to ACS, you’re helping the three young siblings who joined us after their brother, still an infant, was murdered in front of them. And the very young girl who had been sexually abused who screamed and ran away every night at bath time.

What you can do

We can’t fix what’s happened. What we can do is give these children as much support and guidance as we’re able.

And that is why your gift to Austin Children’s Shelter means so much — because it’s only through people’s generosity that we are able to provide the kids in our care with the tools they need to recover.

Your support is especially important right now. Thanks to our wonderful friends and neighbors Nyle and Nancy Maxwell, all gifts made between now and Sept. 30 will be matched, dollar for dollar. So your gift today goes twice as far to help kids who have already been through too much.

Children who are rescued from dangerous homes often have significant physical and mental health issues. A few concerns we see often are malnutrition, untreated injuries and infections, and post-traumatic stress. And yet, sadly, only about half of all kids in the state’s care receive a health assessment within 30 days.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, every child at ACS receives a comprehensive health assessment and any needed follow-up care — including mental health care — immediately.

And that is only the beginning of what your philanthropy can provide. The state’s tight budget doesn’t have room for a weekly allowance, or rides to after-school activities, or even cake and presents on kids’ birthdays.

You help us say “yes” instead of “no” when a child is hoping to take music lessons or go on a class trip. Shoes and clothes that fit, clean sheets and towels, hot water, plenty of food — no, they’re not luxuries, but they sure can seem that way to kids who have lived without them.

Thank you

So we at ACS want to take a moment to say thank you. Because as hard as life has already been for our kids, your generosity gives them the very best possible chance to weather life’s storms and grow up healthy and strong.

I hope you will show your support of the kids who woke up this morning at Austin Children’s Shelter. Between now and Sept. 30, your gift will go twice as far to give them the tools they need to heal.


Stacy Bruce
Executive Director, ACS Campus-Based Intervention Services
Vice President, SAFE

P.S. Too many people don’t care enough to make a gift to help kids growing up in shelters. Please, be among the few who do. Please, give your support today.