What is parental alienation?

October 15, 2020
A black and white photo of a woman and two children.

Parental alienation is complex. Advocates for children and survivors should understand the difference between parental alienation and protective parenting.

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A love letter to SAFE

October 6, 2020
An illustration of a person's hands placing a letter in an envelope. The letter has a big, white cartoon heart on it. The envelope is red.

Mary recently reached out to ask that we tell her story. We are honored that she would share this with us and allow us to share her letter with you.

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Statement: Victims of child sex trafficking hiding in plain sight

September 18, 2020
A photo of the SAFE logo printed on a steel panel

Child sex trafficking is not a conspiracy theory. When we subscribe to misconceptions, we are in danger of missing the vast majority of victims who are hidden in plain sight.

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Announcing new online options for workplace harassment training

September 18, 2020
An illustration of people in a surreal environment full of colorful blocks

Our workplace harassment trainings are available online! BASE training offers two exciting new options for online training.

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Coordinated Entry: Meeting the needs of abuse survivors facing homelessness

September 1, 2020
A black and white photo of a Black/African American woman looking at the camera.

Our Coordinated Entry initiative creates a centralized screening process to help survivors of violence and abuse find housing.

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Families: Coping with the pandemic when you have schoolkids with disabilities

August 25, 2020
A family of four spending time outside together. A clear blue sky is in the background. The family is made up of two adults and two children.

School supplies line the store aisles in anticipation of an unkowable school year. And for a mom of 2 sons with autism spectrum disorder, the unknown is especially troublesome.

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Back to school amid a pandemic

August 14, 2020
A photo of a person carrying multiple back packs. The photo does not show anyone's face.

As part of our annual Back to School Drive, SAFE received enough donations of school supplies to help more than 300 kids!

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Bridge to Safety: Making sure survivors have options

August 14, 2020
A stock photograph of a person with long, dark hair looking at the camera. They are wearing a white top.

Mira called SAFE looking for a safe place to stay for a week to get away from violence at home. Bridge to Safety provided that and more.

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Rebel in a wheelchair: The ADA at 30 in the rearview mirror

July 22, 2020
A photo primarily featuring Nancy Crowthers, who is sitting in a wheelchair with a smile on her face. Two people are behind her, one standing, one in a wheelchair. They are also smiling.

July 26, 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the most comprehensive civil rights act for persons with disabilities.

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Self care: Panic attack vs COVID-19

July 17, 2020
Image showing the differences/similarities between COVID & Panic Attacks

Symptoms of a panic attack can be mistaken for COVID-19 and these similarities may lead you to worry that you are ill. Learn the differences!

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