LIFT: An Alliance to End Abuse – Message by Julia Spann, SafePlace Executive Director

October 1, 2012

Understanding the trauma of sexual assault and domestic violence, working to end it, and helping to lift up women, children and men who have been abused is why SafePlace exists. Many of the people who call us have one type of victimization – domestic violence only, or perhaps they have been raped by an acquaintance. […]

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The effect of working in a domestic and sexual violence program

September 20, 2012

by Jenny Martin, SafePlace Communications and Media Relations Anyone working at SafePlace, and probably any other domestic or sexual violence agency, has been asked questions similar to these at some point: “So, do you hate men now?” or “How can you be in a relationship after everything you’ve seen?” or “How do you do this […]

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Tea and Empathy: 3 ways relationship violence affects you every day

September 14, 2012

by Diane McDaniel Rhodes, former Chief Program Officer at SafePlace Relationship violence affects our society, our town, our neighborhood and affects you. I encourage you to take a moment this week, perhaps with a cup of tea, and think about the ways relationship violence touches you.  1 in 4 women are abused in their lifetime. […]

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Men are survivors, too

September 11, 2012

Guest post by “BJ” – member of the Men’s Support Group at SafePlace When I attended the SafePlace Men’s Support Group it was the first time I had met other men who were victims of childhood sexual abuse and had gone through similar abuse that I went through. Going to SafePlace changed my life; meeting […]

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Meet an Expert: Malisa DiGiacomo

September 7, 2012

by Jenny Martin; Communications and Media Relations Malisa DiGiacomo is the Research and Grants Coordinator at SafePlace. She’s well known at SafePlace for her abounding engergy, brilliance and, don’t forget, speed walking skills. We asked her a few questions: How long have you been working at SafePlace?  November 2012 will mark my 12-year anniversary at […]

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Rape is more widespread than the West Nile Virus

September 4, 2012

by Emily LeBlanc, SafePlace Counseling Services Manager Every day I read the news and see a new story about rape. It’s everywhere. It seems to be the newest hot issue to write and talk about. Part of me is glad. Rape needs more attention. According to RAINN, every 2 minutes someone in the US is […]

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LIFT: An Alliance to End Abuse – Message by Kelly White, Austin Children’s Shelter CEO

September 1, 2012

At least once a week I read the report for a young person being admitted to the Austin Children’s Shelter and there is almost always an eerie similarity; almost all have experienced multiple forms of abuse and neglect; hurt by family, friends, caregivers and the system. What I have seen, and research supports, is that […]

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What do we mean by “Courageous Bystander”?

August 30, 2012

by Jenny Martin, SafePlace Communications and Media Relations We use lots of buzz words and catchy phrases around SafePlace, but I’m pretty sure if I asked one of my friends if they were a courageous bystander they’d be confused. If you identify with my friends…here are some examples of what it means to us to […]

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How to talk with a loved one about violence

August 24, 2012

by Diane McDaniel Rhodes, former Chief Program Officer at SafePlace Although I have worked with abuse survivors for the past nearly 30 years and supervised shelter and counseling and housing programs, I’ve learned most when people I love have been in abusive relationships. You’d guess staff at the local domestic violence and sexual assault programs […]

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Emotional Abuse: A college student’s perspective

August 13, 2012

by Danniel Zelaya, SafePlace Communications Department Intern I recently graduated from the University of Texas and can say I’ve met hundreds of people along the way.  How could I not with the 50,000 student attendance and with me involved in several student organizations? Some, I was fortunate to get to know and add to my […]

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