Vice President, Therapeutic and Peer Services.

A native Austinite, Ashleigh graduated from Anderson High School and went on to Texas Tech to get her bachelors in social work, and then received her masters degree in social work, with a clinical concentration, from the University of Texas at Austin. Ashleigh served as Senior Director of Counseling and Therapeutic Services for two years before moving into the role of VP of Therapeutic and Peer Support Services.

Ashleigh started her career at the Helping Hand Home, where she realized that she wanted to be a clinical social worker. Working with kiddos there taught her to be creative and flexible with therapeutic approaches, such as listening to music, using fidgets, etc. She went on to work with a foster care agency in Austin, and then became a telephonic counselor with a large healthcare corporation.

She joined SAFE as the Teen Parent Program Director at the Children’s Shelter.  There she worked with young parents to teach them parenting skills, which she loved. She was SAFE’s Youth Services Director for a short time, then became SAFE’s Associate Director of Foster Care Services. She has loved every position at SAFE, but therapy and one-on-one services are where her heart is.  She has been a therapist for SAFE and is so excited to now be the Senior Director for the team.

Ashleigh adores her Counseling and Therapeutic Team, noting that they are skilled clinicians, all fun and resourceful and brilliant and insightful. They seem to adore her, as well, since they call her the Minister of Magic. Ashleigh has two kids, a husband, a book club and attends lots of ballet practices and recitals. In addition, Ashleigh’s mother is also a SAFE employee, working at PlanetSAFE.