Barri Rosenbluth
Senior Director, Expect Respect

Barri has more than 25 years of experience of school-based counseling for youth exposed to violence, as well as school policy development and training. In addition to founding the Expect Respect program Barri has co-authored many highly-regarded prevention resources including: the Expect Respect Program Manual; Gender Matters, a teen pregnancy prevention curriculum in collaboration with EngenderHealth; the Start Strong Model School Policy; CDC’s Choose Respect Initiative; Date SMART for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America; and, Love All That and More, a curriculum and video series produced by the FaithTrust Institute. Barri is considered an expert in her field – promoting safe, supportive and respectful relationships for youth.  In 2014 Barri was awarded the Phyllis Richards Austin Icon for Children Award and in 2010 the Professional Innovation in Victim Services Award from the U.S. Department of Justice. Having grown up on the East Coast, Barri moved to Austin in 1981, where she attended The University of Texas at Austin and received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Masters in Social Work.

Barri enjoys working with her talented and committed team, day in and day out, to improve the lives of children and youth every day. A really great day for Barri is when all the key elements align:  school personnel, parents, coaches and other community partners creating safe and supportive environments for youth.

Barri’s Recommended Reading:   Inside Out Coaching by Joe Ehrmann