The Company We Keep

Written by Workhorse Marketing

By Gwenyth Jett

I avoided group therapy for a few years. I don’t really know why. Probably fear of the unknown. I was afraid all the time in those days. Eventually, my need to connect with someone, anyone, overcame my fear of the groups. I couldn’t talk to my family because it upset them too much.

Wow. I liked it so much and felt so good, I tried to go to two sessions a day. I figured the more I went the faster I would get better. I felt so broken, I just wanted to feel whole again. I learned there is a limit to what I could process ……I had to be gentle and thoughtful about my own ability to heal.

What happened was amazing and so healing. The women in the groups became my friends. Girl friends. It had been so long since I’d had a girlfriend. We cared about each other and watched out for each other. We still do.

We are a force of Amazonian proportions……our hearts are that big. We are activists individually and as a group. Our love for each other has moved mountains. And our girlfriend groups just keep growing as we find sisters to add to our sisterhood.

We have healed each other and we are starting to heal our communities….our words and our intentions are powerful. We listen to each other and love each other. It’s just what we do. It’s the way we roll.

The therapy groups at SafePlace gave me a new life and a new way to design my new life. I learned to be supportive and to be supported. I learned to listen and I learned to share. I learned to laugh again.

I learned I need company. I learned to choose my company wisely.