Deloitte visits SafePlace for IMPACT Day 2013

Written by Workhorse Marketing

The walls in 3 of our housing clusters and 2 supportive housing apartments are white and sparkling, the playground is covered in fresh woodchips, 2 garden beds have been refreshed, and the warehouse is newly organized!

On Friday we hosted Deloitte for their 14th annual IMPACT Day. On IMPACT Day, Deloitte staff members from across the country step out of the office to give back to their communities. This year 25 volunteers spent 7 hours of their day at SafePlace painting, mulching, and organizing, for a total of 175 volunteer hours! The U.S. Federal Agency for Service and Volunteering estimates that one hour of volunteer time is valued at $21.79. That’s more than $3,800 worth of work, in addition to the materials Deloitte provided!

Three of the volunteers chatted with me in our warehouse as they sorted boxes of Legos, puzzles, and board games. “We haven’t been to SafePlace in about ten years. It’s really great to be back,” one woman said.  She picked up a Star Wars Lego set, “There are some really nice toys in here!” I agreed, and asked her how they chose SafePlace. She told me that the IMPACT Day Committee worked with United Way to determine organizations in the community where Deloitte volunteers could be the most helpful. SafePlace also holds a special significance for Deloitte. “We were here ten years ago for our first Austin IMPACT Day,” she explained, “So this is kind of an anniversary year for us.”

The volunteers rose to the occasion as they shared tasks and came together to get many projects accomplished in one day. While one group finished painting one cluster, another would start taping up the trim in another.

As they were leaving, a volunteer turned to me and pointed out a patch of trees in the parking lot. “I helped plant those ten years ago! They’ve gotten so big!” Jim, another Deloitte volunteer shook my hand and told me, “It’s incredibly humbling to witness what these people are going through. This is a great service you’ve got going on here. Keep up the good work!”

We at SafePlace would like to say the same to Deloitte, whose volunteers made sure IMPACT Day lived up to its name. Thanks for choosing SafePlace as one of IMPACT Day’s seven Austin sites!