When You Make a Gift to SafePlace

Written by Victoria Berryhill

I’ve experienced my fair share of “ups” and “downs” in life—ten years ago I escaped an abusive marriage. I never wanted that life for my daughter, Lourdes, and I vowed to always strive to create a life of stability for her.

Recently, though, I found that life of stability crumbling. Lourdes had a new boyfriend and as I watched carefully, the relationship slowly became abusive—then violent. He even attacked us both in our own home.

Thankfully, SafePlace was there for us when we had nowhere else to go.

When you make a gift to SafePlace, you’re providing shelter, safety, and support for so many like Lourdes and me.

SafePlace took us into their emergency shelter where we attended therapy and worked on safety planning. Sadly, law enforcement couldn’t find and arrest Lourdes’ abuser, which left us vulnerable at home and at school. We ended the lease on the apartment where we were attacked, and Lourdes attended the SafePlace charter school since she didn’t feel safe at her old school.

Since we were still living in danger, we were able to move into SafePlace’s Supportive Housing Program after two months in the shelter. Without this range of services, we would have been forced to returned to our old life—living in constant fear.

When you make a gift to SafePlace, you ensure their continuum of services are available to Central Texans who need them.

In the Supportive Housing Program, we began to truly live again. I was able to work full-time and meet regularly with an advocate to better manage my finances. Lourdes graduated from the charter school, enrolled in community college, and found a summer job. I am so proud of my daughter and forever grateful to SafePlace for helping her to regain the will and confidence to succeed.

When you make a gift to SafePlace, you empower survivors and help us take our lives back.

Today, I am can very happily say that I am still employed at the same job, and I even received a raise recently! With my improved credit, I was approved for permanent housing, and Lourdes and I will move into a new, 2-bedroom apartment. Lourdes is so excited to have a permanent home to return to during school breaks. She has set a goal to transfer from community college to a 4-year institution within the next year.

Because of you, our lives aren’t over—they are just beginning. Please, make a gift today and help the countless families like Lourdes and me gain the skills and resources we need to truly live healthy, independent lives.

Thank you for believing in our future,

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Elena Gomez


P.S. Your gift today will help those like my daughter and me overcome violence and abuse. Please, give generously.