The Expect Respect® program manual is a four-book set that provides all curricula, program forms and related materials to implement the comprehensive program. A one-day, (six hours) training is also available in your community to help you start or expand an existing prevention program.

  • Program Overview — Summarizes research on teen dating violence prevention and describes how all program components work together. (link to pdf of Program Overview)
  • Part 1: Support Group Curriculum and Facilitator Guide (24 sessions) — Support groups serve youth who have experienced violence in their homes and peer or dating relationships. Sessions help participants heal from past abuse, learn skills for healthy relationships, and prevent future victimization and perpetration.
  • Part II: Youth Leadership Curriculum and Facilitator Guide (8 lessons) — This curriculum empowers youth to become role models for healthy relationships and guides them in creating projects, events and campaigns to prevent bullying harassment and dating abuse at school.
  • Part III: School-Wide Prevention — This section addresses school policy concerning dating violence, sexual harassment and bullying, and school climate assessment, and provides resources for students, teachers and parents.

Order the Expect Respect® program manual here.

Cost of four-book set and CD is $160 plus shipping and handling

Request training in your community

Engaging Schools and Communities in Promoting Healthy Relationships and Preventing Violence and Abuse

  • One day (six hours), customized to meet your needs
  • Pre- and post-training support provided
  • Sample training agenda and budget available by request
  • Program evaluation — Here is a link to the Expect Respect® external program evaluation. See additional publications here


Barbara Ball at or 512.356.1623.