Grande Communications Awards $2300 to SafePlace!

Written by Workhorse Marketing

If you follow SafePlace on social media you may have seen that we were recently awarded a $2300 grant from Grande Communications. On Tuesday, Grande employees Alex Devon and Heather Haldaman stopped by to drop off a check, and were given an impromptu tour by Community Relations Coordinator Steven Olender and Research and Grants Coordinator Malisa DiGiacomo.

The Grande Communications motto is “Here for You,” and that saying goes beyond customer service. On their company website, Grande writes that making a positive impact and “helping neighborhoods, children and adults in need thrive” are all important parts of living up to their motto.

Grande Communications really walks the talk! Their employees have distributed more than $2 million to Texas communities. The grant awarded to SafePlace will be used to support the operation of our Kelly White Family Shelter. Thanks, Grande!