Help support SafePlace this Holiday Season

Written by Julia Spann

Anna* has never known anything but abuse. It began when she was still a little girl, and led her to a life of addiction and violent relationships with men.  But everything changed when she gave birth to her son Marco*.

Realizing she needed help to be a better mother to her son, Anna started attending Safe Parenting classes at SafePlace. Through the encouragement of the staff she met there, she eventually found the strength to leave her abusive boyfriend and make a new life for herself and Marco.

Anna arrived at the shelter bruised, scared — and determined. Over the next few weeks, she received counseling and job coaching, and quickly found part-time work.  This fall, Anna moved out of the shelter and into her own apartment with Marco. She is drug-free, has a job, and recently enrolled in school. Despite all the obstacles she faced, Anna has successfully broken the cycle of abuse for her son.

You make these happy endings possible when you make a gift to SafePlace.

Last year, more than 800 people sought refuge in our shelter, and we provided face to face support for more than 5,000 women, children and men working to build safe lives. Our hotline received more than 15,000 calls. But as high as those numbers are – and they seem to get higher every year – we never come close to meeting the need.  Each year, SafePlace needs to raise $3 million from the community – people like you —  to keep our doors open for the thousands of women, men, and children trapped in violent homes in Central Texas.

Every day, your gift helps us provide safety, healing, and hope to people who need it desperately.

Please help us bring a bright holiday season to all our clients. Make a tax-deductible year-end gift today.

*All names have been changed