How to support SafePlace after your lifetime

Written by Workhorse Marketing

by Susan Dunning, Major Gifts Officer

Biedenharn-plaque-photoSarah Biedenharn was a good friend to SafePlace.  This plaque commemorates her gift of $1million to create the Sally Biedenharn Endowment to honor her daughter and for the benefit of SafePlace’s building fund.  Mrs. Biedenharn created the endowment in 2009 with an initial gift of $500,000.  The remainder of the endowment was bequeathed to SafePlace at her death.

If you are in the midst of making or updating your financial or estate plans, please consider a planned gift to SafePlace. Some things to consider:

  • Through discussion with SafePlace, you may determine an ongoing need of  the organization that you’d like to fund through a designated endowment
  • Or you may wish to donate to the SafePlace Endowment so the interest from your gift will continue to provide funding where the need is greatest
  • You may have someone you would like to honor with an outright gift or a bequest

Often planned gifts can be designed to provide benefit to your heirs as well as to SafePlace.   Many of our SafeKeepers (those who have made provisions for SafePlace in their estate plans) are not wealthy.  Many find that a bequest makes it possible to give a gift much larger than they would be able to during their lifetime.

Please contact Susan Dunning – 512.356.1569, if you would like to learn more.

“SafePlace brings healing, safety, prevention, education and support of all kinds to those who have experienced sexual and/or relationship violence – some of the most vulnerable among us. It has been my privilege to contribute to these efforts by including SafePlace in my Will/Estate Planning and also by serving as a regular volunteer for more than 5 years. The effort to make the world a safer and better place (tikkun olam in Judaism) is crucial to my existence and participation is mandatory. For the ongoing and hands-on aspect, I have worked as a regular volunteer at SafePlace, principally by providing clerical support to the Development Team, for more than 5 years. SafePlace fits my personal beliefs and mind set as I’m a long-time social activist and an old (in every sense of that word) feminist!”
Jo Reichler – SafePlace Volunteer
“The invaluable services provided by SafePlace touch the lives of women and children in so many profound ways.  I see, firsthand, the exceptional work of the dedicated individuals who passionately devote their time and energy to helping those who have suffered severe physical and emotional abuse and help transform them into strong, self-reliant, independent and liberated people.  The spirit of SafePlace has always been an inspiration to me, so much in fact, that I made the decision to bequeath an insurance policy to SafePlace, at the time of my death.  While it is a wonderfully romantic notion to dream that the abuse that is so alive and well in our society today will one day be eradicated, it is not realistic.  And, it is with that understanding that I am compelled to offer my assistance, even after I am gone, to support SafePlace in its efforts to both combat domestic violence and abuse, and to educate.  The education of our youth is key to bringing an end to these offenses, but there can be no education without important programs like SafePlace.”

Patti O’Meara – SafePlace Foundation Trustee