Life Skills seeks meals for enrolled survivors

Written by The SAFE Alliance

Each year, the Life Skills Program offers 64 workshops to help SAFE clients develop skills essential to rebuilding their lives after leaving abusive situations. Before each workshop, SAFE offers a healthy and hot meal prepared by community volunteers.

At the halfway point in the current Life Skills semester, we find ourselves in need of hot meals and people to prepare them.

What we need

Life Skills is looking for new volunteers to provide meals on Tuesdays. This can be done by one person providing one workshop meal, a small group of individuals pitching in a dish each to complete meals, or by donating gift cards. We can always use HEB, Costco, and Sam’s Club gift cards as well check donations made to Life Skills Program Meals.

If you choose to provide one or multiple meals, SAFE will need you to buy, cook, and deliver the meals to SAFE’s Grove Campus on the assigned date and time.

If you choose to donate gift cards or checks designated to Life Skills, Cema Mastroleo, Life Skills Coordinator, will buy, cook, and serve the meals.

For more information or to donate a meal, please contact Cema at

More about Life Skills meals

Meals are served to about 25 people, counting adult participants and their children. Each meal includes a salad, hot main dish, vegetables, bread, dessert for the adults, and seasonal fruit for the children. For some, these are their only meals each day.

Food provided by community volunteers for SAFE's Life Skills Program.

A Life Skills meal provided and prepared by community volunteers.

Life Skills offers coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water, as well as the serving ware.

St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic Church mobilizes about 100 volunteers to offer 32 out of these 64 meals per year. And they have being doing this for more than 12 years. The other 32 meals are provided by individuals. Yet, the number of individuals and the number of meals they provide has decreased by half this year. The Life Skills Program has some funds budgeted for food to be used in emergencies and for graduation.

About Life Skills

SAFE’s Life Skills Program provides access to important resources, information, and opportunities to develop and practice skills essential to rebuild one’s life after experiencing abuse.

The program is available to adult clients of SAFE. A series of four 16-week workshops during the spring and fall are held in both English and Spanish, and in American Sign Language upon request.

During these weeks, participants explore topics such as:

  • Personal power
  • Self-care
  • Self-esteem
  • Communications skills
  • Managing conflict
  • Forgiveness
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Goal setting
  • Money management

While attending the workshops, participants have access to a children’s program where their kids will learn similar topics at their level of understanding. Upon completion of the course, participants are honored with a graduation ceremony.