Meet Felicia: A Story of Anger Management and Motherhood

Written by Workhorse Marketing

Once in a while, one of the children or teens let us know they appreciate what we have done for them. This is one of those instances.

Felicia and her 14 month old son, Travis, needed a place to stay until her 18th birthday when she could “age out” of the foster care system. She had lived in several foster home placements and since the birth of her son, stayed in two teen parent facilities in another city. In her last placement, she was asked to find other accommodations after an altercation with another teen client.

Felicia had a temper and when upset or disappointed she would often become angry with staff or peers or even her young son. Over the course of her three month stay she began to learn through therapy sessions and staff intervention to become more patient with her son and how to communicate with those she disagreed with.

While she clearly loved her son, she often needed to be reminded to take care of his basic needs, such as feeding, diaper changes, napping and playing. Creating a regular daily schedule was helpful and Felicia learned to interact with her son in a more positive way during preschool learning time, music enrichment classes and outings for toddlers.

With the help of our staff, Felicia was able to get a part-time job and enroll in on-line college courses. She received counseling about transitional living and made the choice to remain in foster care to continue her education. When she left ACS, she and Travis moved in with a single working mom and her family. We have received reports that life is going well for Felicia and Travis.

Felicia left us amidst tears and hugs. She wrote:

“This is my first successful placement. I’ve learned to walk away from arguments and come back to discuss things when we have cooled down. I gave you guys some hard times at ACS but thanks for sticking with me. I am grateful God gave me ACS.”