The SAFE Word

The SAFE Word is the official podcast of The SAFE Alliance. Listen on Apple PodcastsSpotify, Soundcloud, and wherever you get your podcasts! We talk to experts in the violence prevention field to better understand the complexities of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking, and child abuse.

Special thanks to KOOP Radio for giving us a place to record this podcast (when we’re not in a pandemic) and for providing exceptional community radio in Austin, Texas. Check them out at

Episode 12 – Educating Corporate Donors: Jacqueline Smith-Francis of SAFE’s Development team discusses how violence effects different communities, why it’s important to educate donors, and delicious Austin pastries.

Episode 11 – Supporting Boys: Jay Balcom of SAFE’s Expect Respect team talks about supporting boys and young men, modeling healthy relationships, and the different ways violence affects Black communities.

Episode 10 – Peer Support: We spoke with SAFE’s Survivor Peer Support team about the importance of being there for survivors as they heal on their own terms.

Episode 9 – Youth Care: We sit down with Jasmine Mathews, Director of Emergency Care, and Eric Byrd, Director of Transitional Living at the SAFE Children’s Shelter.

Episode 8 – Foster & Adopt: We discuss green tea Kit Kats, our paths to Austin, Texas, and what it takes to be a foster or adoptive parent. Host Antwon R. Martin talks with Christina Gietz and Sally Fussel of our Foster and Adopt in Austin team.

Episode 7 – Strong Start: We discuss the parenting tips, the majesty of travel, and the power of empathy. Host Antwon R. Martin talks with Chella Moller-Xavier, Lead Parent Educator for SAFE’s Strong Start team.

Episode 6 – SAFE CARES: We discuss anime, home-cooked meals, and the incredible work being done to help survivors of sex trafficking heal. Host Antwon R. Martin talks with Latrice Coleman and Andrea Zarate of our SAFE CARES team.

Episode 5 – Fatherhood: We discuss the bias iPhone users have against Android users, the bias Chicago pizza lovers have against Texas pizza, and the role fathers play in creating healthy families. Host Antwon R. Martin talks with SAFE Fatherhood Specialists Marcus Griggs and Jose Olazagasti.

Episode 4 – Life Skills and Community Ed: In episode 4 of the SAFE Word, we discuss the wonders of nature, what goes into great pizza, and what it means to support people as they heal. Host Antwon R. Martin talks with SAFE Life Skills Coordinator Cema Mastroleo and Community Education Director Sandra Molinari.

Episode 3 – Volunteering: In episode 3 of the SAFE Word, we discuss allergies, binge-worthy TV, and the volunteer spirit! Host Antwon R. Martin talks with volunteer-extraordinaire Frankie Fowler and SAFE Volunteer Services Director Christine Langa. We’re celebrating National Volunteer Month in style!

Episode 2 – Sexual Assault Services: In episode 2 of the SAFE Word, we discuss roller derby, spring break, and truths about sexual assault that aren’t always obvious. Host Antwon R. Martin talks with Juliana Gonzales, SAFE’s Senior Director of Sexual Assault Services.

Episode 1 – Expect Respect: In this debut episode, we discuss breakfast tacos, aquatic turtles, and the role of consent in preventing teen dating violence. Host Antwon R. Martin talks with Meg Greene and Randy Randolph, both of SAFE’s Expect Respect program.


The SAFE Way

Safe and Nurturing Families is a pilot program working to stop violence and abuse at the intersection of domestic violence and child abuse. Join us as Yasmin Diallo Turk, Evaluation and Compliance Analyst with SAFE, takes us through the ins and out of the program in this four-part podcast series. In the SAFE Way, we Yasmin talks the funders, technical assistance providers, authors of the proposal, and people doing direct work.

The SAFE Way Episode 1 – The Safe and Nurturing Families Program

The SAFE Way Episode 2 – Family Violence Prevention and Services Act and Futures

The SAFE Way Episode 3 – Asian Family Support Services of Austin Parenting Program

The SAFE Way Episode 4 – Court Advocacy