An On-Ramp to Independence

Written by Workhorse Marketing

Supervised Independent Living provides skill-building to young adults

This week, Austin Children’s Services opened its new Supervised Independent Living (SIL) program, aimed at giving kids more opportunities to learn and practice adult skills. A cottage on the ACS residential campus in East Austin was renovated earlier this year to prepare for the launch.

Residents of SIL manage their own finances and shop for their own groceries and personal items, while still living on our campus and working with their case managers on their education and employment goals. Modeled after a college dorm with resident advisors, SIL Programs give youth and teens who will age out of foster care the support and skills they need to make it.

“Independence can be really scary for kids without family support,” explains Aja Gair, director of the Transitional Living Program. “Supervised independent living programs make the transition to independence more gradual, which helps more kids succeed once they get out on their own.”