The Resilience of Survivors

Written by Julia Null Smith, Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

Everyone knows that housing in Austin is getting more expensive all the time. And for single moms with kids trying to build independent lives, stable housing can seem like a faraway dream.

But earlier this year, two moms who met in the SafePlace shelter decided to pool their resources and get a place, with their kids, together.

“It was a practical decision that also served their emotional needs,” explains Residential Services Director Melinda Cantu. “They’re not just saving money; they’re also making sure that they’ve got the support they’re going to need as they each look for employment, care for their children, and continue to recover from years of abuse and violence.”

Cantu remembers the day the two left shelter. “They were packing up their car and were so excited, planning how they were going to live in a place that was really their own and where they were truly safe for the first time in their lives. It was beautiful to watch.”