SAFE CARES update: Specialized foster begins training

Written by Emma Rogers

As the pieces fall into place for the full launch of SAFE CARES, SAFE’s Foster and Adopt program is preparing new trainings to ensure foster families can provide a safe and stable home for survivors of sexual exploitation.

Through specialized training and support, these families will help young survivors begin the journey toward healing.

Training and support

Families and individuals who want to become foster parents for survivors of sexual exploitation will receive additional training from Allies Against Slavery to accommodate the extreme trauma that survivors endure.

SAFE’s specialized foster services, which are part of SAFE CARES and Foster and Adopt, will provide survivors with access to a wide array of therapeutic services. Additionally, a case manager and placement specialist will help survivors with the transition to stabilization through services and support.

For many survivors, seeking support is difficult as a result of  lingering trauma. With guidance from the foster parents and case manager, we hope to reduce those barriers to help survivors become self-sufficient.

Other ways to help

Making the decision to become a foster parent is a big step. If you’re not ready to become a foster parent, there are other ways to help serve children in need of care.

Respite care or babysitting can give you an opportunity to see what it’s like to care for a child who has been through significant trauma and how to manage these issues in their home.

SAFE’s specialized foster care program will be in full gear by January 2018, but families interested in fostering can attend an informational orientation from 6-8 p.m. Dec. 8.

Texas is in a great need for foster homes. SAFE can provide support for families and individuals thinking about fostering children in need.


SAFE CARES stands for Collaboration, Advocacy, Response, and Engagement for Survivors.

The SAFE CARES mission is to provide a comprehensive response for survivors of exploitation by creating opportunities to be, and feel, safe and connected.