SAFEMen Online Forum: Power and Relationships

Written by SAFE
An illustration of two men talking. The words "SAFEMEN Online Forum" are at the top. The words "Power and Relationships" are in the middle. The words "Noon-1 p.m. on Dec. 3" are at the bottom.

Join us Dec. 3 from noon to 1 p.m for the SAFEMen Online Forum.

The SAFEMen Forum is an opportunity for men to talk about the unseen guidelines that inform our everyday choices, our friendships, and our relationships. Where do men learn expectations about intimacy and relationships? What can I do to make sure my relationships are balanced?

Be part of the discussion and come away with concrete ways to be a stronger support person for anyone in your life. You can click here to register and invite the men in your life to register as well.

People of all genders are invited, however, we primarily seeking people who identify as men at this event so attendees are as comfortable as possible in expressing themselves as we unpack the more restrictive aspects of masculinity.

What to expect at the forum

In year’s past, the SAFEMen Forum has brought men together in a physical space to hear from panelists and SAFE experts, and then participate in facilitated group discussions led by members of our Men’s Engagement Group.

This year’s forum is entirely online. We will begin with a brief introduction before breaking out into facilitated groups to discuss the societal expectations placed on men.

After the group discussions, we will return to the full forum for closing remarks. At the event, will also announce the date for the upcoming SAFEMen Panel, planned for early next year.

The SAFEMen Online Forum and upcoming panel are free events and will be held on Zoom.

Register here.