SafePlace Kids are Ready to Learn!

Written by Workhorse Marketing

KLRU-TV has partnered with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS Kids to bring new technology to our computer lab this summer! This initiative, called the Ready to Learn Project, is funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Thanks to this program, children residing at SafePlace are enjoying the use of:

  • 16 iPads with protective cases and headphones
  • Bluetooth keyboards
  • A Mac computer to power iPads
  • A projector and screen for group activities/movie screenings
  • iPad compatible printers

The Ready to Learn Project is an exciting opportunity for the children living at SafePlace to develop math and literacy skills in a fun, innovative way. At the launch event on June 26, Ben Kramer, KLRU’s Director of Education, said that kids’ brains are constantly developing, and  screen time can be used wisely to facilitate that development. The iPads are loaded with  more than fifty apps from PBS Kids geared toward improving reading, math, science and artistic skills.  The fun, educational content on the devices will keep children engaged in learning while at play.

The launch event was a success. KLRU set up four stations for the kids to enjoy: an iPad station to explore the learning apps they will be utilizing, an area to take photos with Daniel the Tiger, a craft table where they could build their own mini zip-lines, and a spot to choose a summer reading book to take with them at the end. They had a blast, and we are all thrilled to be part of the Ready to Learn Project!