Seven Dollars

Written by Workhorse Marketing

by Suzanne MacGillivray, Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Every week day, I process payments for assistance to our clients.  Often they’re not very large amounts, but one day several months ago, I received a check request for $7.  Just $7.  Something about that small amount was more affecting than any other I’d ever processed.  I knew in theory that our clients leave everything behind often, in order to get themselves and their children to safety.  But the fact that a client didn’t have even $7, an amount many of us could easily spend on a fancy coffee, made me realize this truth not just in my head but in my gut as well.  Every donation matters, no matter how small.  If you can give $7, it will help someone.  If you can give us $50 or $100 or more, that’s great and you can help multiple people or one person with a more costly need.  But if all you can give is $7 and you think, “Oh, this is such a small amount it won’t make any difference; they won’t even care,” please know that your $5 or $7 is very needed and we really do appreciate you.

– Suzanne

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