Sticker Mania: Sexual Assault Options & Resources

Written by Victoria Berryhill

As a fellow Austinite, we know you care about your community. You want them to be safe. Will you continue to help your patrons and employees stay safe by posting this sexual assault options & resources sticker in your establishment?

Ready to work with SAFE to support survivors, end sexual assault in Austin, and #KeepAustinSAFE ? Click here. Need some more convincing? Read on, there are some great reasons to get involved!

Why Post the Sticker?

  • Every day in Austin 2 people report being raped or sexually assaulted*.
  • In Texas, 1 in 5 men and 2 in 5 women report having been sexually assaulted, and nationally 1 in 2 transgender persons will be sexually assaulted*.
  • Less than half of Texans know about safe sexual assault options & resources in their community*.

This sticker outlines local resources for survivors of sexual assault and lets survivors know they are not alone.

Posting this sticker in your business is another way you can show your patrons you care. It could help improve your business, too!

How Will the Sticker Help Your Business?

Just like you, SAFE also cares about our community, and we want to support our local businesses. We want to support YOUR business. And that’s exactly what we will do. We will help you grow your business in two ways:

  1. Social Media Engagement
  2. Web Acknowledgement

Social Media Engagement

You’re a savvy business owner who knows the value of social media and the importance of engagement within those different platforms. So when you post the sexual assault options & resources sticker in your establishment:

  1. Take a photo of the sticker & yourself/your staff/your establishment/etc.
  2. Post on social media
  3. Tag @SAFEatx & @SafePlace_atx

Then, our social media team will repost/shre/retweet/etc. so that both our followers and yours know that your business supports survivors.

Web Acknowledgement

We’ll put your business name and website link on this post, which we will be sharing via social all year. All this digital marketing will help ensure all our fans/followers/site visitors know just how much your business cares about our community.

[wpanchor id=”getsticker”]Getting the Sticker

Ready to work with SAFE to support survivors, end sexual assault in Austin, and #KeepAustinSAFE ? Get the sticker on of two ways:

  1. Contact our Community Education Specialist, Natalia Lee, at (512) 356-1548 or
  2. Download printable version here or anywhere within the post you see the word sticker . But remember, we have to know you’ve posted the sticker in order to reap the business benefits! Once downloaded, be sure to contact Community Education Specialist, Natalia Lee, at (512) 356-1548 or

You care about your patrons and your community. Your community cares about you. Let’s work together to support survivors, end sexual assault in Austin, and #KeepAustinSAFE .

If you have any questions about the sticker or want to explore other ways to get involved, please do not hesitate to contact our Community Education Specialist, Natalia Lee, at (512) 356-1548 or

Community Partners

We would like to extend a special thank you to our first community partner to post the sticker:

100 Pizzitas

100 Pizzitas, First Community Partner to Post Sexual Assault Options & Resource Sticker


About SAFE

The SAFE Alliance (SAFE) is a partnership between SafePlace and Austin Children’s Shelter. Together, we have a long history of working to make Austin a safer place. For over 40 years, we’ve partnered with schools, the Austin police department, businesses, and countless others to work towards achieving our vision of a just and safe Austin. We provide shelter, support, and resources to men, women, and children who have been impacted by sexual assault and exploitation, domestic violence, and child abuse. Learn more at


*Busch- Armendariz, N.B., Olaya, D., Kerwick, M., Wachter, K., Sulley C. (March 2015). Health and Well-Being: Texas Statewide Sexual Assault Prevalence. The University of Texas at Austin, Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault: Austin, Texas