Strengthening Voter Participation

Written by Victoria Berryhill

Today, OneVoice sent out an email discussing the  recent study completed by Nonprofit VOTE which found that that nonprofits are some of the most effective messengers in encouraging people to become voters. Nonprofits are particularly effective in helping to engage low propensity voters, increasing diversity, and closing voter disparities. Groups like Nonprofit VOTE have developed a wealth of resources to assist nonprofits in engaging in nonpartisan voter education efforts. You can view the wonderful email by clicking here. At SAFE, we were inspired by the findings and decided we needed to help mobilize our community to vote.

So, why does SAFE believe voting matters? Personal agency. This is your opportunity to share your opinion about issues that matter to you, your family and your community. This is your opportunity to empower yourself: your voice matters, so make sure it is heard.

Convinced? Ready to speak up and vote? Great! Keep these important dates in mind:
February 16: First Day for Early Voting
February 26: Last Day for Early Voting
March 1: Texas Primary Election

We know voting used to be intimidating, convoluted and confusing. Good news is, many people have realized this and have developed all sorts of intuitive tools to help make the process more inviting. For instance:

  • For information on how and where to vote, visit the TX Secretary of State’s website
  • To check if you are registered to vote, or to begin the registration process, click here.
  • To learn about candidates, download the League of Women Voters’ 2016 Primary Elections Voter Guide, in English or Spanish.