June 27, 2013

by Katelyn Gorski, Communications Assistant, SafePlace Thursday, June 27 The Center for Public Policy Priorities’ National KIDS COUNT 2013 data book is out. The report ranks the well-being of Texas kids in four categories: economic, education, health care and family and community. Overall, we are ranked 42nd in the nation for childhood well-being (up from 44th). This […]

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Twilight in the Rear-View Mirror

February 26, 2013

by Diane McDaniel Rhodes Now that the final movie has premiered, and we’ve all had a chance to get some distance on the story, it is easier to question Stephenie Meyer’s phenomenally successful Twilight Saga. Critics and fans alike are commenting on the spooky resemblance between Edward and Bella’s romance and partner violence. Stalking, manipulation, threats of […]

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Our Valentine’s Day Abuse Prevention Campaign

February 19, 2013

SafePlace conducted its own homegrown Valentine’s awareness campaign last week. Valentine’s Day is such a good opportunity to talk about healthy relationships — after all, “Be Mine” can be a very sweet thing to say, but it can also signal possessiveness and a very unhealthy way to think about a romantic partner. So we decided […]

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