The Allstate Foundation Helps Survivors Build Financial Independence

Written by Workhorse Marketing

We are thrilled to announce that the Allstate Foundation has recently awarded us with a $33,250 grant! This grant will increase our ability to help clients develop critical money-management skills, and to empower survivors to take control of their lives.

Since joining the National Network to End Domestic Violence in 2005, the Allstate Foundation has worked with community partners to help survivors learn financial skills “as a way to escape abusive relationships, get safe, stay safe and thrive.”

Financial security may be the deciding factor between returning to an abusive partner and building a new, safe life. In many cases, the abuser has had total control over the survivor’s finances, and our client arrives at SafePlace without ever having created a budget, balanced a checkbook or written a resume. Without these tools, leaving our campus and taking those first steps toward an independent life can feel even more daunting, and returning to an abuser becomes more likely.

At SafePlace, we provide extensive transitional services to survivors, including a 16-week Life Skills course with classes on good financial habits. This grant from the Allstate Foundation allows us to create even more opportunities for our clients. Many are ready and willing to work, but they don’t have access to resources needed to secure employment. Costs like industry-related certifications can put a real strain on a survivor’s bank account.

Thanks to this Allstate Foundation grant, we will be able to link clients to job training, certifications, and help cover other employment-related costs, such as uniforms. The funds also allow us to create a 1:1 matched savings program for up to 40 transitional housing residents. Residents will open a savings account in their own name and we will match up to $500 per participant. We will also add the Allstate Financial Empowerment Curriculum to our Life Skills program. This comprehensive grant will make a significant difference in the lives of our clients.

Leaving an abusive relationship isn’t a simple matter of choosing to walk out the door, and lack of financial resources compels many survivors return to their abuser before being able to leave for good. Thanks to this grant from the Allstate Foundation, we will increase our ability to help survivors leave SafePlace feeling confident, competent and empowered as they build new lives in safety and healing.

Through this grant, the Allstate Foundation has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing domestic violence survivors with the tools they need to build new, independent lives.

The grant is administered by the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV). SafePlace and the Noah Project in Abilene, Texas were each selected as local programs incorporating best-in-class financial empowerment services.