Theater programs kick off 2018 tour

Written by The SAFE Alliance

Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble

A collaboration with Creative Action, Changing Lives Youth Theatre Ensemble is kicking off its 2018 tour of Just Ask.

Miley is just starting high school and everything is new. When she needs extra English tutoring, her teacher introduces her to Zach. Zach is older, a talented poet, and – as it turns out – interested in Miley. When the two go on a date, they both have to decide how to act on their feelings. Just Ask explores how to respectfully let someone know you like them, while checking in about safe physical boundaries.

The spring 2018 tour will include performances in Covington MS, Webb MS, Martin MS, Sadler Means MS, Del Valle MS, Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired, Manor MS, Dessau MS and Provan Opportunity Center in Pflugerville.

Two young people sit next two each other holding hands

Where’s Your Line? is officially available for Spring 2018 performances! This program combines scenes, monologues, and facilitated dialogue with the audience to explore healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors, drawing clear boundaries in relationships, and being a supportive friend.

The program is available free of charge to 10th-12th grade audiences. Please fill out our online booking form to make a request.