Why I Walk: Lisa’s Story

Written by Workhorse Marketing

My first walk was years ago while I was still living in supportive housing. I walked with several other Survivors, it was a huge part in the beginning journey of Celebrating the Choice to Use My Voice. We laughed while enjoying being able to connect with each other, our nervousness at being so brazen as to walk and talk openly against violence. We cried at the remembrance wall listing people who had not made it out alive, each of us knowing it really could have been one of our names on that wall. I remember being amazed at all the different faces that came to support or walk and thinking that I had no clue so many people cared or had been affected by violence in their lives.

Looking back, I think my first walk was also my first experience using my voice publicly, learning to celebrate that choice.

Years later, I wrote a spoken piece answering the question “Where are the angry women?”

A delicate seed planted on that walk grew into a firm answer “I will not sit down, I will not shut up, I. will. not. go. away. I am woman and I am here to stay. I laugh too loud, I talk too much, and I cry every single time one of us hurts. I will not shut up. I will not go away. I am woman, my tribe is human, and I am here to stay.

Help us light the way to a safer Austin and show the support that is so meaningful to survivors in our community. Register for the walk here: http://illuminateatx.org/