Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Our services continue during the pandemic

Escrito por SAFE

Have you heard of telehealth? It’s a virtual option for sexual assault survivors to access care remotely from SAFE’s forensic nurses.

It’s just one way we are lowering our staff and client’s exposure to COVID-19. For people seeking care after experiencing sexual violence, telehealth is a safe way to document your experience, discuss your options, and learn about resources. We have been actively using telehealth for the first part of sexual assault exams. If patients chose to, they can then come to SAFE for a forensic exam.

Even through the pandemic, our sexual assault volunteer advocates have pressed on for several weeks, continuing to serve sexual assault survivors. Navigating ever-changing COVID-19 procedures, volunteer advocates bravely stepped up to learn how to advocate virtually, and adapted to seeing survivors safely in person.

Recognizing our staff — and how you can help!

SAFE wants to thank our nurses and volunteer advocates for going above and beyond, and continuing to support survivors in person, via phone, and via video conference. We’re so proud of their service and commitment to survivors — always, and especially during the last several weeks.

One of SAFE’s amazing forensic nurses, Shannon Skolaut, was nominated for the Austin American Statesman’s Recognizing Nurses!

Here’s what one of her coworkers had to say:

“Shannon works with patients who are often intellectually and mentally challenged enough to not be able to represent themselves well and ask for what they need. Shannon has a knack with the most impaired individual, to respect them, intuitively reading their signs and symptoms, using excellent assessment skills in order to provide the best care to them.”

There are still a few days left to vote for Shannon on the Statesman’s website. Click here to vote!