Julia Spann
Chief Executive Officer

Executive Leadership

Wendie Abramson
Chief Quality Officer/Director of Deaf SHARE
Melinda Cantu
Vice President of Child Abuse Prevention & Intervention Services
Angela Glode
Chief Development Officer
Kitt Krejci
Chief Financial Officer
Piper Stege Nelson
Chief Public Strategies Officer
Yvette Mendoza Rouen
Vice President of Residential & Support Services
Movetia Salter
Chief Human Resource Officer
Coni Huntsman Stogner
Vice President of Community Services

Senior directors

Allison Susin, Senior Director of Youth Residential Services

Erin Clark, Senior Director of the SAFEline

Liz Cruz Garbutt, Senior Director of Family Support and Advocacy

Juliana Gonzales, Senior Director of Sexual Assault and Health Services 

Erin Goodison, Senior Director of Housing

Heather Henry, Senior Director of Development

Qunisha Simmons, Senior Director of Shelter and Children’s Services

Shannon Sandrea, Senior Director of Expect Respect

Nikhita Ved, Senior Director of Legal Services