Expect Respect dissemination project lands successfully in Chicago

Marzo 23, 2023

Expect Respect is proud to partner with Between Friends based out of Chicago, IL as they work toward incorporating tools and strategies from the Expect Respect program into their teen dating violence prevention and intervention strategies. Between Friends is 1 of 4 agencies taking part in the Expect Respect dissemination, funded by The Allstate Foundation, […]

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Foster and Adopt program provides loving home for siblings

Marzo 17, 2023

Three years ago, Liam and Molly came into our foster program after witnessing domestic violence between their biological parents. This was the second time Liam was in care. Both children were placed with first time parents, the Smith’s, a week after they were verified. Throughout the many unexpected twists and turns in the case, the […]

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SAFE’s shelter provides safety for unhoused survivors

Febrero 17, 2023

Olivia had been struggling with homelessness and found herself living in a tent downtown. Unfortunately, being in this environment put her in a position in which her safety was compromised. Olivia was assaulted by two strangers and she fled the scene. She was able to find safety at our shelter. A safety plan was completed […]

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Teen Parent Program provides young parents with a safe space

Enero 17, 2023
young mother holding young son

Ashley* never wanted her son to experience a childhood like hers – plagued by abuse, absent parents, and drug use. When she got pregnant at a young age, she was enrolled in our Teen Parent Program where she was able to focus on her safety and her baby’s. After a few months, Ashley decided that […]

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Expect Respect expansion project continues in Houston

Enero 3, 2023
A group of people, some sitting and some standing.

Expect Respect is proud to partner with Harris County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (HCDVCC) based out of Houston, Texas on the Expect Respect dissemination project. HCDVCC is 1 of 4 sites utilizing program strategies from Expect Respect to make communities in the greater Houston area safer as well as address and prevent teen dating violence. […]

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SAFE statement: The arrest of Chris Beard

Diciembre 14, 2022

While The SAFE Alliance has no firsthand knowledge of the very serious allegations against Mr. Beard, we know too well the frequency of intimate partner violence. Strangulation, part of the allegation here, is increasingly common and especially dangerous. And unfortunately, while intimate partner violence occurs in all types of circumstances, it is a recurring theme […]

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SAFE provides comfort to kids coming into shelter

Diciembre 13, 2022

Childhood is meant to be a carefree time where the focus is on playing, learning, and growing. But many children who come through SAFE’s doors have had this time stolen from them. When 7-year-old Phil* arrived at The SAFE Children’s shelter, he was exhausted and worried about his two little sisters who were placed in […]

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Have you used chat and text services on SAFEline? We want to hear from you!

Noviembre 30, 2022

Our research partners at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) are evaluating SAFEline, SAFE’s hotline services, and would like to hear from you! UTMB is conducting surveys with new SAFEline chat and text hotline users. Anyone age 16 or older who has used chat or text services at SAFEline for the first time in […]

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For some, the decision to foster and adopt is a calling

Noviembre 17, 2022
Image description: A family photo. Two adults and their five children are together outside smiling at the camera.

Heidi and Ryan’s adoption story has been challenging and beautiful–even if it wasn’t what they planned.

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Expect Respect expansion project continues to California with overwhelming support

Noviembre 17, 2022
Image description: A photo of several people sitting at a table smiling at the camera.

SAFE’s Expect Respect team met in Hemet, California to expand the community’s teen dating violence prevention programming.

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