SAFE provides comfort to kids coming into shelter

Diciembre 13, 2022

Childhood is meant to be a carefree time where the focus is on playing, learning, and growing. But many children who come through SAFE’s doors have had this time stolen from them. When 7-year-old Phil* arrived at The SAFE Children’s shelter, he was exhausted and worried about his two little sisters who were placed in […]

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Have you used chat and text services on SAFEline? We want to hear from you!

Noviembre 30, 2022

Our research partners at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) are evaluating SAFEline, SAFE’s hotline services, and would like to hear from you! UTMB is conducting surveys with new SAFEline chat and text hotline users. Anyone age 16 or older who has used chat or text services at SAFEline for the first time in […]

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For some, the decision to foster and adopt is a calling

Noviembre 17, 2022
Image description: A family photo. Two adults and their five children are together outside smiling at the camera.

Heidi and Ryan’s adoption story has been challenging and beautiful–even if it wasn’t what they planned.

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Expect Respect expansion project continues to California with overwhelming support

Noviembre 17, 2022
Image description: A photo of several people sitting at a table smiling at the camera.

SAFE’s Expect Respect team met in Hemet, California to expand the community’s teen dating violence prevention programming.

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What it means to support youth who have experienced trauma

Octubre 21, 2022
Image description: A photo of Monica Martinez, SAFE Development Officer and former Children's Shelter staff.

Kids come to us with unimaginable trauma. SAFE’s Youth Engagement Specialists are here to see the need behind the behavior—and meet that need.

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SAFE statement: Supporting LaShonda Lemons after adjudication of family violence case

Octubre 20, 2022
Descripción de la imagen: Una foto del logotipo de SAFE en una pared. La palabra "SAFE" está en letras negras junto a una línea roja a la derecha. La pared es de madera rubia clara.

SAFE is deeply frustrated that an abuser who committed several violent acts against one of our employees received no prison time.

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Welcome new SAFE Board Members!

Septiembre 12, 2022

Meet the newest members of the SAFE Board of Directors! SAFE is governed by a board of experts all passionate about the mission of SAFE.

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Aprender a curar

Agosto 18, 2022
Descripción de la imagen: Foto de archivo de una mujer que mira desolada por una ventana. Lleva un top oscuro con lunares blancos.

One of the most important steps in Maria’s journey toward a happier, healthier future was the work she put into unpacking her trauma through counseling.

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SAFE’s healthy teen relationship program spreads to Pittsburgh

Agosto 18, 2022
Image description: A group photo of 15 people smiling and looking at the camera.

Expect Respect trainers met in Pittsburgh for a two-day training to expand the community’s teen dating violence prevention programming.

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Statement: Roe V. Wade being overturned removes agency from survivors

Julio 5, 2022
Image description: A red background with the words "Another traumatic attack on survivors"

The landmark ruling to overturn Roe V. Wade serves as another traumatic attack on survivors.

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