Create a Facebook fundraiser


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Social media is a great way to raise funds for SAFE! Start a Facebook fundraiser today by clicking here. This will take you through an easy step-by-step process to create a Facebook fundraiser campaign for SAFE that you can immediately share with your friends and family. Many people choose to do this in honor of their birthday or other celebratory moments.

Start your own campaign

A screenshot of a webpage. The screenshot includes details about a fundraiser from the running group Team FX.

Unleash your fundraising potential by becoming a Peer-to-peer fundraiser with SAFE! The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination to figure out how you’re raising funds, set a goal, and engage your friends/loved ones in the cause close to your heart. Whether you’re getting creative by auctioning off one of your paintings, selling handmade goods, every effort counts in making a meaningful impact for SAFE’s mission.

Amplify Austin all year long


A screenshot of SAFE's Amplify Austin webpage. The image includes details on how to support SAFE's fundraising campaign.

Visit SAFE’s Amplify Austin Page and create a fundraising page by clicking the green “Fundraise” button! You don’t have to wait until Amplify Austin Day to create a fundraiser with Amplify. The site is available all year round and offers great tools for budding philanthropists.

Whether you’re hosting a bake sale, or donating your birthday, you can help SAFE by setting up your own personal fundraiser today! SAFE relies on the generosity of people like you who help raise funds to support survivors of violence and abuse. And pretty amazing things can happen when you get creative and you’re motivated to make a difference!

Tips and tricks to assist you with your personal fundraising

  • Get creative! Run a 10K or commit to a Netflix marathon. Open a lemonade stand or wear a funny costume in public if you hit your goal. Whatever your inspiration, you can help people today!
  • Tell your story. Why are you supporting SAFE, why are you sharing it with your friends?
  • Set a goal and a deadline, and reach out to people personally to ask them to give.
  • Promote your fundraiser regularly on social media and by sending via email.
  • Include a photo! Maybe even one of you volunteering at SAFE (just make sure there are no clients or children included).
  • Choose a program and project. Do you want to raise money for books for Children’s Services, or donate your birthday to fund Community Education projects.

For more ideas or questions, contact Janet Torres at