SAFE CARES stands for Collaboration, Advocacy, Response and Engagement for Survivors. CARES advocates support survivors of exploitation in Central Texas.


To provide a comprehensive response for survivors of exploitation by creating opportunities to be, and feel, safe and connected.

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Are you being asked to exchange sex for basic needs? Worried about a friend who is experiencing sex trafficking or exploitation? Whether you’re a survivor, or not sure if what you’re experiencing is exploitation and/or trafficking, or if you’re worried about someone you care about who might be in danger, we’re here to help. You are not alone.

For crisis referrals to SAFE CARES, please call our 24/7 SAFEline at 512-267-SAFE [7233] .
For non-crisis referrals to SAFE CARES, please complete this form.

About the SAFE CARES Program

Currently, there are about 79,000 minor and youth victims of sex trafficking in Texas. CARES addresses the economic and social costs of trafficking with survivor-centered and preventative solutions.

Due to trauma and a lack of trusting relationships with adults, young people who have been sexually exploited and trafficked respond best to services specifically designed for this issue. SAFE CARES staff work with community partners to identify survivors without direct disclosure. Our program serves youth 12 years and older.

What you can do:

Anyone who has regular contact with young people is in a good position to notice changes in behavior and physical signs that may indicate involvement in sexual exploitation, or trafficking.

Parents, caretakers, and anyone in a position of responsibility with a child should also know how to monitor online activity and be prepared to monitor computer usage where they are suspicious that a child is being groomed online. The fact that a child is 16 or 17 years old should not be taken as a sign they are no longer at risk of sexual exploitation.

If you think that you or someone you know might be a victim of trafficking or sex exploitation, please contact our SAFEline by phone at 512.267.SAFE (7233), by text at 737.888.7233 or by online chat at



Drop-in provides a physical location in the community where survivors can access trauma-informed, individualized case management and therapeutic services to meet their safety needs and connect with other survivors.

Advocacy | 24/7 Crisis Response:

Our advocacy response includes a team of survivor-centered advocates who provide 24/7 crisis response and relational support for survivors in the community to help them feel safe and connected.

Case Management

CARES offers assistance with navigating systems, overcoming barriers, resource procurement, limited financial assistance, and stabilization


Individual or family sessions available


Our team offers trainings and presentations for community partners and organizations

Contact to request more information or complete our online referral form here.