By choosing SAFE as a beneficiary for your upcoming event, you not only raise much needed funds but also bring awareness to the community about the help available to those affected by child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

We are grateful to members of the community who wish to support our work. Our mission and philosophy, which drive the work we do, include creating changes in attitudes and behaviors which contribute to or impact the community’s understanding and responses to abuse.

In keeping with this goal, we reserve the right to not partner, be involved or affiliated with events that include activities, language, or advertising that demonstrates beliefs and behavior that are not aligned with our mission and vision.

For more information please review our guidelines.

To host a third-party event, please fill out our participation form, this will ensure a member of our staff will follow-up and be there to assist you with your planning needs.

In addition, please note that SAFE cannot guarantee a representative will be able to attend your event.

  • Donated goods or below $5,000: SAFE is unable to send staff or board member to event.
  • $5,000 – $10,000 raised: SAFE staff will attend to say a few words about the agency and deliver a thank you.
  • $10,000+ raised: SAFE staff or board member will attend whole event as well as deliver a few words about the agency and deliver a thank you — please contact us to discuss additional details.

SAFE will not solicit participation from clients or donors (as stated in our guidelines) for any hosted community event beyond listing the event information on the SAFE Calendar of Events, or our staff enewsletter.

Please know that SAFE is a 501(c)3 and cannot be affiliated with any political event or rhetoric. We thank you for helping us maintain our nonpartisan status and are grateful for your support of SAFE.