The Community Resource Advocacy team is dedicated to providing our clients with one-on-one help to make and achieve their individualized goals. We may provide specialized case management and make sure that our clients know about all options available to them. We help our clients access and navigate the resources necessary to help them achieve their goals. This client support and case management can lead to decreased sense of isolation, a greater sense of self-sufficiency, and increased financial stability.


  • Housing: While we cannot find housing for all clients, we can screen and refer to different internal and external housing programs. Please remember that these programs are limited, often have waiting lists, and many have specific requirements or restrictions.
  • Education and Financial Assistance: We may provide information and referrals to local support services in the community. Depending on availability and eligibility, assistance may be available for rent, utilities, childcare, employment, and/or education needs. Financial assistance is limited and never guaranteed.
  • Transportation: Transportation assistance is generally available in the form of bus passes.
  • Legal Assistance: Our staff has direct collaboration with community legal advocates; we may make a referral and get your case screened for legal services.
  • Safety Planning: While it is not possible to control the behavior of other people, the Community Resource Advocates may work with clients to create personalized safety plans that can guide our clients’ actions in case they become frightened or feel threatened.
  • Employment Assistance: We may make referrals to Goodwill and other employment focused entities, as well as work on resumes and help identify potential job opportunities and resources.

Contact: 512.356.1571