We believe information is power. Our Community Education Program provides outreach and education to a variety of audiences, because we all play a role in ending sexual assault and exploitation, child abuse, and domestic violence. Equipped with understanding and information, everyone can help promote safety and help challenge interpersonal violence in our communities.

Trainings and Presentations

SAFE staff and trained volunteers work to increase community understanding of sexual and exploitation, child abuse, and domestic violence by providing presentations to civic and professional groups, workplaces, schools, private organizations, parents and loved ones of survivors, and other interested groups.

Here is a list of available trainings and presentations:

  • SAFE Services
  • Connecting the Dots: Sexual Assault, Child Abuse, and Domestic Violence
  • Concerned about someone you know? Recognize the signs, start the conversation.
  • Child Abuse and Neglect 
    • Parenting Workshops:
      • Parenting Series (Managing Temper Outbursts, Interrupting Aggression, Routines, etc.)
      • Positive Parenting Practices (6 group sessions for parents of children 0-5)
    • Trainings for Professionals:
      • Using Trauma Informed Practices in Classroom Settings
      • Period of Purple Crying – a shaken baby syndrome prevention program
  • Domestic/Dating Violence, Sexual Abuse /Assault/ Exploitation:
    • General dynamics of interpersonal violence
    • Interpersonal violence as it affects various communities (People with Disabilities, LGBTQ, communities of color, immigrant, adults in later life, etc.)
    • Interventions for Healthcare, Social Service and Disability Services providers, including Trauma-informed Responses
    • Social Impacts of Domestic Violence (trauma, homelessness, health impacts)
    • Sex Trafficking / Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Community-based training to support survivors and engage others in ending violence in your organization, congregation, or on your campus

  • Prevention of interpersonal violence:
    • Speaking out in Support of our Families & Communities (facilitated discussions)
    • Healthy Relationships & Sexuality
    • Gender and Society: Messages and Their Impact

For more information or to schedule a presentation or training, please contact:
communityed@safeaustin.org or 512.356.1548.


SAFE creates and distributes brochures about various issues associated with interpersonal violence/abuse and our services. If you would like to order a quantity for public display at businesses, doctors’ offices, and wherever community members would like to share information, please email communityed@safeaustin.org. Topics include: About SAFE, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Violence and Abuse in the LGBTQIA Community, Consent, and Healthy Relationships. All are available in English and Spanish.

Other materials include the SAFE sticker (sexual assault resources) and palm cards with our contact information.

Community Event Outreach

SAFE staff and volunteers may be available to represent the agency with materials and information for the community at booths during events such as school or job fairs, health fairs, community festivals, conferences, and anywhere attendees are invited to learn about SAFE services.

“What Was I Wearing?” (“¿Qué Traía Puesto?”)

SAFE organizes an important “What Was I Wearing?” (“¿Qué Traía Puesto?”) exhibition that invites the community to question harmful attitudes and reactions by sharing the stories of survivors and representing the outfits they were wearing at the time of the assault. The outfits displayed are assembled based on descriptions given by survivors, or from clothes donated by the survivors themselves.

If you have experienced any form of sexual assault at any time in your life, we invite you to share your story.

To learn more about the Exhibition and how you can get involved, click HERE.

Para aprender mas sobre la exhibición, haga clic aquí.