SAFE offers legal support to survivors of domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual assault, and sex trafficking.

SAFE legal advocates may help their clients navigate the difficult and often confusing legal processes by providing connections, support, and referrals in the legal system.

Our Advocates

SAFE legal advocates work closely with the County Attorney’s office, the District Attorney’s office, and in family courts. Additionally, our attorneys are available to consult on legal questions.

As part of these liaison services, the SAFE legal team may meet survivors at court, guide them through the process, provide referrals, and sit alongside survivors in the courtroom during proceedings. The SAFE legal team may also help survivors with safety planning.

SAFE legal advocates may provide training on relevant legal issues, such as Community Know Your Rights immigration presentations, and/or we collaborate with legal services providers to increase pro-bono legal resources for clients.

The SAFE legal team may also assist with bilingual legal advocacy and SAFE CARES legal advocacy for survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking or survivors of commercial exploitation.

Areas of Law

The team may provide direct legal representation and legal advice in the following:

  • Family law — divorce and cases affecting the parent-child relationship
  • Immigration law related to individuals or families impacted by domestic and sexual violence — U nonimmigrant status (U visa) applications, VAWA petitions, and more
  • Additional civil issues — protective orders, landlord/tenant, wills, name changes, subpoena defense, and more
  • Limited criminal law — victim’s rights, law enforcement reporting accompaniment,  and subpoena defense

For more information, please contact our SAFEline by calling 512.267.SAFE (7233), texting 737.888.7233, or chatting at