Bringing a child into your home is a life-changing gift—but it can also be a challenge. SAFE’s experienced, trauma-informed staff provides therapy, parent coaching, home visits, 24/7 on-call support and more to foster, kinship, and adoptive families in Central Texas. Our goal is to create and support lasting placements.

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Need some help? We hold virtual orientations twice per month. For specific dates and to RSVP, please use this form.

What kind of families do we serve?

In addition to traditional foster and adoptive families, we make a point to serve kinship families. It’s becoming more common for extended family members like grandparents and aunts and uncles—or even close family friends—to provide a home for young relatives who can no longer stay with their parents. Kinship placements provide children with an opportunity to live with people they know and trust.

But kinship doesn’t always guarantee an easy transition. For grandparents, it can be hard to care for young children. Work schedules often conflict with the needs of new family members. We can offer resources to support you during this transition and beyond.

SAFE is also committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We support all families regardless of race, sexuality, gender or ability.

What foster family and adoption services do we provide?

  • Considering foster, kinship, or adoptive placements? We can provide you with information to help you make that choice.
  • We offer 24/7 on-call staff support—children have needs beyond the typical 9-5.
  • You’re not alone: we can handle home visits and case management services.
  • Need activities for your placements? School supplies? We can help.
  • Mental health is crucial. We provide therapy for children and families.
  • Parenting isn’t always an obvious skill—that’s why we offer coaching.
  • Foster families need breaks, too! We can help you find respite—another family to care for your child or children for up to two weeks.
  • Central Texas is lucky to have lots of great community resources for families. We’ll help you access them.

Foster, Kinship & Adoption FAQs

Why should I foster or adopt through SAFE?

We respond to the individual needs of children who have experienced trauma and loss by providing a continuum of care from our trained, passionate staff. Our commitment to providing the best possible care for children and youth extends to our foster, adoptive, and kinship parents through a robust and responsive support system.

Who can be a foster or adoptive parent?

Almost anyone 25 years or older who can pass a criminal background check and provide a safe and supportive home can become a foster or adoptive parent.

What is it like becoming a foster or adoptive parent?

Becoming a foster or adoptive parent will be both rewarding and challenging. Prospective foster and adoptive parents must meet requirements that include an orientation, training, and home study.

How long will the foster/adopt process take?

The process takes two to six months to complete.

What support do you offer for foster or adoptive parents?

We understand that as a foster or adoptive parent you will need support and training. SAFE’s Foster & Adopt program will be with you every step of the way and offers 24-hour support, extensive training, respite services, home visits, and more.

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You can reach our team at 512.499.0090 or attend a Foster & Adopt orientation by filling out our form here.