If you would like to engage your community to stop the cycle of violence, we encourage you to organize a community conversation. Depending on the size, date, topic and location of the gathering, SAFE can send someone from our organization to open up a dialogue with your community.

  • Recruit a planning committee and/or identify partners who can help with planning.
  • Determine the meeting date and time.
  • Outline meeting format. Options include a presentation with Q&A afterwards, a town hall-style format, etc.
  • Identify and reserve a meeting space. Schools, libraries, community centers, or churches can be great options. You can also host a Community Conversation at your workplace.
  • Select and invite a moderator and/or speaker, ideally someone who knows the community very well and is a trusted leader. Possibilities include a community organizer, public official, and/or healthcare provider.
  • Develop and distribute promotional materials to community partners (e.g. community organizations, libraries, schools, healthcare providers) and ask them to share the information with their constituents.

If you would like someone from SAFE to speak with your gathering, please contact us at info@safeaustin.org.